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    • A customized stem cell care only for you starts right here.
    • We have the world’s first stem cell therapy and clinical test experiences treating a variety of diseases with it.
      Based on that, we combined the stem cell therapy with common medical treatments to maximize the effect.
      We also practice customized care system to fit each patient’s need.
      Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic will do our best to be the leading institute practicing the stem cell therapy.
    • Stem Cell
    • The Stem Cell Center has been developing new cell therapy using the stem cells and
      dendritic cells with cooperation of world renowned bio firms and research centers.
    • Stem Cell
    • Medical experts can suggest effective treatments for
      individual disease by offering personalized counseling.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.

A personalized treatment system
for each medical department

We plan a specialized and
systematic care system based on our various experiences,
high technological equipment and treatment methods.

On-line special counseling inquiries
Dr. Kim’s Clinic

One stop care system for internal diseases

Teams of endoscopy specialists practitioners perform a
limited numbers of endoscopy in a day.

While the endoscopy is in progress,
we detect any removable lesions and
remove it by one-stop process.

  • Upper GI track
  • Lower GI track
  • Sleep endoscopy
  • Poly removal
  • GI track specialist
  • Limited number of reserved patients
  • Safe sleep endoscopy
  • Comfortable pre-process
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Not only internal organs but also their movements can be screened
while blood circulation is also measured. We do not use any radiation that is
harmful to human body. Screenings are done quickly without any pain.
The ultrasound imaging is easy and convenient screening method.

Ultrasound of each organ    /   Personalized ultrasound    /   PACS system   /   Individual exam room    /   Done in a day

Types of ultrasound

Upper abdomen Liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas, kidney, spleen
Thyroid Thyroid tumor, cyst, inflammation
Carotid Carotid stenosis, risk diagnosis of stroke
Heart Angina, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, aortic disease, heart disease
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The pulmonary function screening measures how the functions of the
lung work properly such as respiratory ability. It is very helpful in determining
the cause of patient’s discomfort, severity of respiratory disease,
types of treatment and the effectiveness of the following treatment method.

Types of pulmonary functions

Type Screening objective
Lung capacity Examines if the lung capacity has reduced and checks if there is functions blockage.
Lung volume Total lung volume, usual respiration volume, remaining air, airway resistance and other index are measured accurately.
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The EKG screening is the basic tool in diagnosing heart diseases.
The heart supplies blood to body by the contraction of the heart muscle.
The contraction should be regular and it is felt as
blood pressure in systemic artery.
The regular contraction is caused by very small electric signal
within the heart and the EKG captures it.

Types of EKG

Type Screening objective
24 hour blood
pressure screening
The blood pressure measuring device is attached for 24 hours to record any changes in the blood pressure throughout the day. It is especially useful to check if the blood pressure at the clinic is different from that of daily life.
24 hour holter
EKG screening
The EKG device is attached during a day to record the heart condition continuously.

If there are palpitations, difficulty on breathing or fainting may indicate arrhythmia. It is also useful in detecting the angina in early stage.
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There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in
a human cell nucleus which contain 25,000 genes.
Properly functioning genes help maintaining life,
but deteriorated or damaged genes can cause diseases.
The normal functioning gene is screened as well as a
gene mutation for abnormal proliferation and malfunction

Simple blood screening   /   Lifestyle   /   Various cancer genes   /   Reasonable cost

Types of gene screening

Type Screening objective
Genecare Personalized gene information
Gene information regarding cardiovascular disease and metabolism
Determination cancer developed in each sex
Telomere Telomere gene length screening
Cell health index to determine health and aging of cells
M-CHECK Gene screening to forecast diseases
DNA is extracted from cells to analyze the genome of particular disease
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Adequate fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and coenzymes are
injected intravenously to normalize cell functions and restore damaged
nerves or DNA for patients suffering from energy metabolism, chronic fatigue,
reduced immunity, chronic pain, menopause symptoms, cancer,
autoimmune diseases and incurable central nervous system diseases.

Recovery of reduced cell function / Increased natural immunity / Nutrition supply in a short time
  • What is IVNT?
  • Stress
    Fatigue recovery
  • Lipolytic
    Fat burning
  • Toxin elimination
  • Pain relief
    Energy metabolism
  • Blood circulation
  • Immunity
    Cancer prevention
  • Skin whitening
    Complexion improvement
  • Diabetes

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In the case of insufficient hormone due to
dysfunctional endocrine or aging, the proper amount of
hormone can be supplemented to maintain the normal condition.

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Early detection and prevention of diseases are keys to a healthy life.

  • Advantaged of physical screenings at Dr. Kim’s Internal Medicine Center
  • Early detection of cancers and other diseases
  • Care by specialists in each department
  • Physical screening done in leisurely and comfortable settings
  • Reasonable cost
Liver function Respiratory Pancreas Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Blood disease Thyroid OB GYN Blood cancer
Cardiovascular Kidney, UT STD Upper GI
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