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    • A customized stem cell care only for you starts right here.
    • We have the world’s first stem cell therapy and clinical test experiences treating a variety of diseases with it.
      Based on that, we combined the stem cell therapy with common medical treatments to maximize the effect.
      We also practice customized care system to fit each patient’s need.
      Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic will do our best to be the leading institute practicing the stem cell therapy.
    • Stem Cell
    • The Stem Cell Center has been developing new cell therapy using the stem cells and
      dendritic cells with cooperation of world renowned bio firms and research centers.
    • Stem Cell
    • Medical experts can suggest effective treatments for
      individual disease by offering personalized counseling.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.

Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic is established

based on researches and technologies in
developing the world’s first stem cell therapy.
We have been dedicated for the stem cell research
for last 10 years and developed clinical test data
on a variety of incurable diseases.

Based on advanced technology and clinical test data,
We provide patients with the best customized care system.

The stem cell research done in a small laboratory
has grown to be the standard in 10 years

In order to develop better and improved stem cell therapy,
We will continuously research for our challenge and
passion will give hopes to patients with incurable diseases.

Stem Cell therapy is the only alternative to incurable disease that cannot
be treated by modern medicine and is the core of regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapy is leading the paradigm changes in future medical technology.

Advantages of Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic

  • Specialized diagnosis by the developer of world’s first stem cell therapy
  • Large amount of clinical test data on a variety of diseases
  • Large R&D network and cooperation system in the nation
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment for the stem cell therapy
  • Aseptic laboratory and clean facilities

Disease applicable with stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy has already been commercialized and
applied to many incurable diseases which will continue to cover more types of diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases
Acute myocardial infarction, Ischemic cardiomyopathy
Treatment program

Central nervous system diseases
Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease,
Spinal cord injury Treatment program

Digestive system diseases
Cirrhosis, Pancreatitis,
Ulcerative colitis Treatment program

The stem cell banking is a biological insurance to store the young
and healthy stem cells before you are struck with incurable disease.
Our clinic will give you best customized way to store your stem cells
through various disease prediction tests.

  • One stem cell can be harvested for multiple diseases from one location (Mesenchymal stem cells/For cancer immunotherapy)
  • It can be used as a treatment in a short time while being stored (Mesenchymal stem cells)
  • It prevents cases of impossibility in the future due to infectious diseases after the decision has been made.
  • Stem cells harvest while one is healthy provide with better chance due to their excellent activity and differentiation capacity.
  • High risk group with family history
  • Those over 30s with higher rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease development
  • Those with hypertension/diabetes/high cholesterol/obesity
  • CEO and executives with higher rate of disease development due to stressful mental labor
  • Professional with economic ability with higher interest in health

Requirements prior to stem cell banking

Whether the banking institute has the
certificate to store the stem cells

Ability of R&D
Ability to research on the stem cell therapy
and develop the new therapy

Proprietary technology
Whether one has the stem cell therapy
developed and expert technology

Storage of Mesenchymal stem cell for later treatment

Despite the medical technology advancement, there are many diseases incurable by modern medicine.
By storing mesemchymal stem cells, you will be protected from various diseases.
  • Applicable to various diseases
    (cardiovascular diseases / Central nerve system / GI tract diseases)
  • Usable after the commercialization
  • Has excellent differentiation and regenerating abilities
Small amount of blood (about 15cc) from pelvic bone / Simple procedure (5 minutes to harvest, 30 minutes recovery) / Return to normalcy right away

Cell banking for cancer treatment

Cancer cells have a characteristic of obstructing the activities of immune cells.
Dendritic cells will induce the immune cells to attach cancer cells.
  • Promote the body's immune cell activity
  • When harvest prior to cancer, the immune ability is better.
Small amount of blood (about 15cc) from pelvic bone / Simple procedure (5 minutes to harvest, 30 minutes recovery) / Return to normalcy right away
Through new researching challenges in preparation of the future and innovation,
we will achieve the best treatment results.

The stem cell internal medicine center is a leader in this sector and does its best in disease treatment research in order to give hopes
to patients with incurable disease. We promise to continuously do our best for the desirable achievements.

Dr. Kim Hyeonsu, Stem Cell Center CEO / Executive Director

Internal Medicine/Stem Cell Center

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