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    • A customized stem cell care only for you starts right here.
    • We have the world’s first stem cell therapy and clinical test experiences treating a variety of diseases with it.
      Based on that, we combined the stem cell therapy with common medical treatments to maximize the effect.
      We also practice customized care system to fit each patient’s need.
      Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic will do our best to be the leading institute practicing the stem cell therapy.
    • Stem Cell
    • The Stem Cell Center has been developing new cell therapy using the stem cells and
      dendritic cells with cooperation of world renowned bio firms and research centers.
    • Stem Cell
    • Medical experts can suggest effective treatments for
      individual disease by offering personalized counseling.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.

1:1 Personalized system with an exclusively assigned specialist

Professional plastic surgery / safety first / honest diagnosis /
exclusively assigned specialist / patient-doctor communication valued / Personalized
and customized plastic surgery the finest facility and service for the completion of
your natural beautyExperience the most exquisite plastic surgery at
Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic,customized with the finest medical system to fit you

On-line special counseling inquiries
Find your most beautiful and ideal eyes
through personalized procedure determined
after precise analysis and counseling
on the structure of your eyes

1. Clear Eyeline definition  /  2. Natural iris exposure adjustment  /  3. Customized eye line correction  /  4. Reasonable pricing

  • 1hour surgery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Discharged after ice pack application
  • Stich removes in 5 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Droopy eyes
  • Tired eyes
  • Fatty eyes
  • Severe case of blephamptosis
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1. Natural and defined eye line    /   2. No visible scar   /   3. Minimum swelling   /   4. No incision

  • 30minute surgery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Discharged after ice pack application
  • No stitches to remove
  • Thin eyelids
  • Less-definitive eye lines
  • Lean eyelids
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Front end extension - Minimum incision! Minimum scar! Special magic enlargement by Dr. Yim

Back end extension - Smooth eye line! Minimize scar through incisions on natural wrinkles!

  • 20minute surgery
  • Discharged after ice pack application
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Local anesthesia
  • Stitches removed in 5 days
  • Back to normal life right away
  • Front end extension
  • Wide distance between the eyes
    (Mongolian wrinkle)
  • Short and unattractive double eye lids
  • Short eye length
  • Messy wrinkles in corners of the eyes
  • Upturned eye lines giving aggressive impressions
  • Sharp front corner of the eyes giving bold impressions
  • Back end extension
  • If you want larger eyes
  • If you are not satisfied with the front end extensions
  • Closely placed eyes not suitable for front end extensions
  • With upturned eyes making you look too sharp
  • Crowded eyes, nose and mouth in the center of face
  • Widely separated cheek bones
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Unnatural, asymmetric double eyelids, or eyes with bad impressions can be re-designed to fit your face beautifully

  • 1-2hours
  • Local anesthesia
  • Discharged after ice pack application
  • Stitches removed in 5 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Size adjustment due to improper surgery
  • Correcting the droopy eyes
  • Correcting thick double eyelids
  • Asymmetrical double eyelids
  • Correcting fat double eyelids
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Rhinoplasty at Dr. Kim’s Clinic is customized
by Dr. Yim in the golden line rhinoplasty
giving you ideal profile from forehead,
nose end to lips.

Most Asians typically have low bridged noses giving a flat impression.
This surgery gives you balanced and voluminous facial line by properly adjusting the nose line.

  • About 1 to 2 hours of surgery
  • Sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • Stitches removed in 5 to 7 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Recovers in 7 days after stitches are removed
  • Low nose
          in comparison
          to forehead
          Overall small nose
          Flat facial impression,
          due to
          low nose
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Strong and unfriendly impression can be softened and sophisticated by osteotomy

  • About 1 to 2 hours of surgery
  • Sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • Stitches removed in 5 to 7 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Recovers in 7 days after stitches are removed
  • Bumpy nose
           bridge or bent
           nose end
  • Bumpy nose
  • Bent nose end in a
           shape of an arrow
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In cases where the tip of the nose droops down, asymmetric nose line can be corrected to
center of the face by autotransplanting cartilage to re-construct columella.

  • About 1 to 2 hours of surgery
  • Sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • Stitches removed in 5 to 7 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Recovers in 7 days after stitches are removed
  • Innately
      bent nose bone
      or bent due
      to injury
  • Difficulty breathing
          due to decongestion caused
          by bent nose
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Nose is heightened considering the nose end, philtrum and lips to make the nose look prominent and natural.

  • About 1 to 2 hours of surgery
  • Sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • Stitches removed in 5 to 7 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Recovers in 7 days after stitches are removed
  • Unattractive nose end
  • Long or short nose end
  • Collapsed nose after
           improper nose surgery
  • Stubby nose end
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Thick and dull impressions can be corrected through cutting skin away without leaving any scar,
and reducing the size of nose balls and nostrils.

  • 30minute surgery
  • Sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • Stitches removed in 5 to 7 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Fast recovery
  • Large nostrils
           or wide nose
  • Dull and unsophisticated
           impression due to flat
           and wide nose balls
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Re-surgery requires experiences, generally more difficult and takes longer time to operate than the first surgery.
Re-surgery is mostly done within 6 months to 1 year after the first surgery with proper counselling and accurate analysis.

  • About 1 or 3 hours of surgery
  • Sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • Stitches removed in 5 to 7 days
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Recovers in 7 days after stitches are removed
  • Crooked implants
  • Skin turning red
           around the nose
  • Deformed nose
  • Too high nose
  • Cartilage being seen
            through the nose end
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The young face plastic surgery provides voluminous and sophisticated impression.
Infection rate is minimized by self-fat tissue injection using disposable injectors.
1:1 customized fat graft is done evenly for the best result of volume and natural engraftment.

  • 1-2hours of surgery
  • No hospitalization
  • 1-2 outpatient visits
  • Sedation
  • Stitches removed in 7 days
  • Quick return to normalcy
  • ㅣ Customized fat transplantation in Dr.Kim’s Clinic
  • PRP + Fat Graft
    PRP growth factor fat grafting has longer lasting effects since we provide the environment optimal for the tissue to be engrafted.
    The result gives brighter tone, rejuvenation and a shine to the skin.
  • Cellution + Fat Graft
    Cell integration technology developed by experts at Dr.Kim’s Clinics stimulates various growth factors with high engraftment and collagen formation.
    It naturally maintains the volume longer and improves to have younger looking face
  • Cellapy + Fat Graft
    Cellrapy fat graft is done by separating various cells including stem cells from the patient's fat tissue,
    integrating it with the grafting fat tissue, then grafting the mixture into the desired location.

    Cellrapy fat grafts show comparatively better results than the common techniques because the separated
    self-cells have several beneficial effects such as new blood vessel formation and differentiation into fat cells.
  • Sunken, droopy or aged face
  • Angular face for sharp or strong impression
  • If soft and younger impression is desired
  • If voluminous face is desired continuously
  • Cheeks / forehead (forehead wrinkles, temples)
  • Cheek bones / nasolabial fold
  • Chin / Nose / short chin
  • Sunken eye lids (dark circles/ flesh under the eye)
  • Neck / around eyes / worry lines
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Tiny incision is made inside the mouth, providing surgery with no visible scars and fast recovery.

Elongated dimples - cute and soft impression while looking mature and sophisticated
Indian dimples - looking innocent and boyish at the same time
Dimples close to mouth - Cute, prudish and precocious impression
Dimples in the middle of cheeks - Young and soft impression
  • 5 to 10minute surgery
  • No hospitalization
  • No outpatient visits
  • Free after service
  • Local anesthesia
  • Wear the healing tape for 3 days
  • Will look natural 2 or 3 months after the surgery
  • Plain looking face even when smiling
  • If softer impression is desired
  • If lovely image is desired when smiling
  • If proper dimples are desired
  • If innate dimples are faint
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Fat-melting laser and skin-tightening laser. Manual fat micro-suction can melt and remove unwanted fat and
can tighten droopy skin. The dual plan presents you V-line chin with minimum invasion.

  • 1hours
  • No hospitalization
  • 1 outpatient visits
  • Local anesthesia or sedation
  • Stitches removed in 5 days
  • Quick return to normalcy
  • Facial line improvement is desired
  • Corrective surgery after fat graft or liposuction
  • Droopy facial line improvement is
         desired after the facial line surgery
  • To increase the elasticity
  • +Eclip and thread lifting can be
         combined for the maximum result
  • Face lifting side cheeks
  • Upper arms / Cheeks
    (deep part of cheeks)
  • Jaw line / Double Chine
  • Body lifting underarms
  • Fat removal after
    the fat grafting
  • Corrective surgery after
    liposuction or for
    weight control
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The common thread lifting leaves scars, gives long-lasting swelling, and the tissue setting
is not secure enough since the surgery invades large area. However, Dr.Yim gifts better V-line and
removes nasolabial folds by pulling the smas layer of skin muscle tighter and setting a thread in front of ears to secure.

  • 30minute surgery
  • Local anesthesia or sedation
  • No hospitalization
  • No stitch removal
  • No outpatient visit
  • Return to normal life right away
  • If natural beauty is desired
  • For increased skin elasticity
  • If simple procedure is
               desired to achieve the v-line
  • If procedure with no swelling
               or bruising is desired
  • To improve droopy cheeks and chin after the facial plastic surgery
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Turns the age of your skin backward

  • No incisions
  • No recovery needed
  • Minimum pain
  • Short term elasticity is achieved
  • Lifting maintained for several months
  • One procedure can be very satisfactory
  • Ultrasound focused on one point generates heat,
    in a same principle of a magnifying glass concentrating sunlight to burn paper.
    Heat energy is transferred to dermis and SMAS layer to lift skin and
    remove wrinkles without any incision.
  • A single procedure will facilitate collagen generation to result in more compact and firmer skin.
  • *What is SMAS layer? It is the outer layer of fascia that protects muscle.
    By tightening this layer, droopiness or wrinkles can be improved
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The filler changes the facial contour! Be confident with new voluminous face!
Experience and know-how of directing physician provides with safe and highly satisfying results for longer period.
Pain is minimized by using nano needle which can depend on the location of procedure.

  • 10minute surgery
  • Cream anesthesia
  • Almost no swelling or bruising
  • Return to normal life right away
  • Forehead / Nose bridge, nose end / below eyes / cheeks / nasolabial folds / chin / lips
  • Restylane
  • It is widely known in Korea as the US FDA
    certified filler that is safe due to its absorbent property.
    There are 5 products by sizes of particle.
  • It contains plant based hyaluronic acid.
    It has been used in more than 15 million procedures
    worldwide and its effect and continuity have been proved
    in a large amount of clinical tests.
  • Newramis
  • It was produced by proprietary technology of
    Meditox and registered with US FDA and
    European Medical Product Quality Committee.
    It contains hyaluronic acid with improved safety.
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Simple procedure with maximum effect, proven through clinical tests by experts.
We only use genuine botox. The simplest procedure that does not affect your daily life.

  • 5minute surgery
  • Effectiveness : Maximum effect about 3 weeks after the procedure
  • Lasting period : About 6 months with individual difference
                              Reapplication in 4 to 5 months may provide semi-permanent result.
  • Middle of forehead / Forehead / Around eyes / Around mouth / Angular chin
  • Ellergan
  • Well known botox certified by US FDA for the cosmetic use
  • Enotox
  • World’s first botox in liquid form providing longer lasting effect compared to botulinium.
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