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    • [ ONE FOR ONE ]
    • A customized stem cell care only for you starts right here.
    • We have the world’s first stem cell therapy and clinical test experiences treating a variety of diseases with it.
      Based on that, we combined the stem cell therapy with common medical treatments to maximize the effect.
      We also practice customized care system to fit each patient’s need.
      Dr. Kim’s Stem Cell Clinic will do our best to be the leading institute practicing the stem cell therapy.
    • Stem Cell
    • The Stem Cell Center has been developing new cell therapy using the stem cells and
      dendritic cells with cooperation of world renowned bio firms and research centers.
    • Stem Cell
    • Medical experts can suggest effective treatments for
      individual disease by offering personalized counseling.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.
    • We provide with customized care service only for you.

By physical rejuvenation and improvement through the stem cell therapy,
you will your precious and beautiful youth back.

The ultimate goal of anti-aging is rejuvenation of physical health instead of a temporary youth.
Our plastic surgery center provides with improved procedures in combination of dermatological treatments and plastic surgery using the stem cell.
Through the optimal personalized care, we will provide you with healthy cell rejuvenation as well as physical beauty.

We think of that one customized care just for you.
No.1 Custom Cellapy

As the best stem cell treatment clinic,
we think only of you.

Dream to extend lives of patients with incurable diseases.
Anybody’s hope for the everyday life energy an healthy body.
These are why we exist.

Stem cell plastic surgery
Plastic Surgery by Reproduction of Stem Cells
Younger facial plastic surgery Scar treatment programs

Stem Cell Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Improvement Programs of Eyes, Nose, Eye Wrinkles,
and Facial Wrinkles by Plastic Surgery

Stem cell anti-aging
Stem cell anti-aging
Skin resilience, moisturizing, treatment programs

We will provide a new alternative treatment through the advanced diagnosis based on researches and do our best in pursuit of beauty as any human naturally desires.

We will value the belief and trust through the proper diagnosis based on facts and continuously try for successful treatment results.

We will try for the optimum results through the customized care of each patient and deliver timely recovery to normalcy.

Medical treatment departments

Stem Cell Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery by Reproduction of Stem cells    |    Younger facial plastic surgery    |    Scar treatment programs

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Eyes    |    Nose    |    eye wrinkles    |    Facial wrinkles

Stem Cell Anti-aging
Skin restoration    |    Hair loss    |    Anti-aging    |    Skin resilience    |    Skin tone    |    Skin moisturizing

Internal Medicine/Stem Cell Center

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